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As some of you may know the The Mystical Forest Zone TMFZ for short, has shut down. For good Idk and hope it will return with a Act 5 (guess the acts are like the different versions or how many updates it had) but until it does....sadly this means some animations are on hold. Why? Because all my backgrounds I got fromt here! Well not all but most of them I did, I had looked at The Background HQ but the sheets there are mostly the the backgrounds image by image like someone had recreated the levels from different games exactly to the point, it's fine but seems more fitting of a comic as I can't really animate with those I could, but it'll be a downgrade and just the exact level layouts it's fine but....I can't create fight scenes or even custom scenes with them it's just the levels recrated to the tinyest detail and pixal and split in many images.

For a still backdrop during the turn base battles it'll be perfect, but having the characters walk around I can't do here's a example

how can I make a flash game/movie with those? Not every level is like that, but it does level the different Sonic levels I can use. I also checked The Spriters Resource TSR for short and while it does have a full sheet for custom use/creation of a level like this

others are like this

and some needs you to download a zip, I need the Death Egg Zone from Sonic 3 And Knuckles for two animations (Sonic's Dark Soul 2 and Shadow Battle 2) but all I'm able to fine now is a zip from TSR but all it has is get this...every-single-bit-and-peice-of-the-level is split as it's own image file so there's like over 200 PEICES TO LOOK THROUGH (I rechecked and the zip has 2 folders each with 200 peices so 400 in total....)!!!!! I'm not doing that! I'm not gonna download a zip with over 200 peices in it as that'll take far too long to go through and build a single frame, either make it a sheet or a comic like image don't split "everything" into 200 peices!

So as I can't get some backgrounds sorry to say but some animations are on a near cancel hold, I can't animate with no backgrounds and some I just can not find. I usually just copy and paste the sheets into Gimp but now guess I should save every single one. Some animations (like Dark's Return) I can still do as they don't use only Sonic levels but until another site shows up that has more than a few sheets or if TMFZ ever comes back, well sorry to say but some animations can not be finished...I even got voice actors for Shadow Battle 2 and animated to the point of the turn base battle but....without the Death Egg Zone from S3AK I can't finish and starting over/replacing the BG isn't a option as episode 1 ended with the 2 characters in that level.

Does anyone knows of a site I could get more backgrounds from that aren't split into more peices than needed not not just recreations in many images? I could start either Dark's Return 4 or a new animation that wouldn't use many Sonic levels, but other projects might die if I can no longer find the backgrounds needed so can anyone help me out?

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2013-08-19 15:47:14 by Cody2819

Sorry for no updates

2013-06-26 15:18:58 by Cody2819

First news thing here. XD Anyways I wanted to say sorrt that for over 9 months (right?) I haven't made any updates, the reason being I've been working on Dark's return episode 3 but this time around you control more then just Sonic, you control Shadow, Rainbow and Twilight too each with their own health bars. But...the losing frames when their health hits zero isn't working, I asked MidNightMaren for help (he gave me a code that isn't working right) but stopped replying.

I don't wanna send him any more messages in fear of "bugging" him so....I am at a TOTALLY LOST no idea what to do or how to fix this, know the problem tho the code works fine at first but whenever Sonic's (only he has this code atm) movieclip changes to another one (copy and pasted idle stance) or his hit frames it auto works every...single...time it changes so with during his hit animations each one auto plays his lost frames even tho it's not suppose too until his health hits zero.

So I'm sorry but until either MidNightMaren replies again or I find some site that'll help Dark's return episode 3 is on hold, I'm out of animating anyways so really need to regain it. Again I'm sorry but I'll try to fix this code, it's

"onClipEvent (load)
if (sonichp <= 0)

in case your wondering and by his advise it's on Sonic's movieclips, altho the ten is replaced with "soniclost" but even with it still as ten (he said to add the lost frame "on" frame ten) it still auto plays, if you know how to fix it or anyway to help feel free too, need to get this episode out already. XD In the main time I suppose look out for another flash, if I finish one before I fix this ode problem it may be the reboot to this.

That was when I was animating with MS Paint. XD